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McG Fall 2015 Minis : Part 2

We’ve now finally wrapped up all our mini session days, even with weather reschedules and illness reschedules and everything else the universe could throw at us. I think this is the most we’ve ever had to mix up a mini session schedule to make everything work, but ya know? It’s also one of the easiest and most fun years we’ve ever had. All our locations were beautiful, and our families were happy, and in general, it’s another season where I’m reminded that mini sessions are totally worth the stress.

We’ve already blogged Part 1 of this season’s mini sessions, and after this blog post there are two more coming. So basically, if you don’t like cute kids, feel free to avoid the blog for the rest of this week. But honestly, who doesn’t like adorably happy little people?


Isn’t that just the happiest little boy you’ve ever seen? I wanted to eat him up.


In the following photo, you’ll see the face Marley Kate made when I showed her that I had Goldfish crackers. 😉McGowanImages_Fall2015Minis_Blog2_15McGowanImages_Fall2015Minis_Blog2_16McGowanImages_Fall2015Minis_Blog2_17

This little Miss was quite unsure of us at first, but when we told her it was totally ok to run and play, she warmed right up!


I’m allowed to have favorites… especially when I’ve loved Hilary since we were 14, and it turns out she fell in love with a great guy, so we’ve been able to photograph all the fun moments as their crewhas grown, and now includes Asher & Eli. Such a gorgeous family!


Someone’s grandparents are going to be VERY excited about a few cousin photos coming their way for Christmas! 😉


The next image was actually taken at the end of this family’s session, but I LOVE it. I absolutely adore the spirit of both older girls, and get excited every time they come see us. Plus, the new little princess is every bit as sweet and beautiful, and the parents might be the sweetest people I’ve ever met. Basically, these folks have cornered the market on preciousness.


How about we do this again tomorrow, huh?

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