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McG Fall 2015 Minis : Pt 3

Between our one day of minis in October and two days in November, we photographed 28 families…. so you can see why we decided to split up our favorite images into several blog posts. It might have been a bit overwhelming to have over 100 celebration images in one giant post!

All of the sessions we’re sharing today are from the mini sessions we did out here in the country either ON or near our family’s property. We really loved shooting minis here because there’s just so much variety! Definitely something we plan on doing in the spring as well, so get your name in the hat if you want to be on the advance notice list. 😉


It’s strange to think that I’ve known these kids since the brother was still baking… time passes so quickly! Now Harley is Dorothy’s absolute idol in life, and Ely is her favorite friend at school, and MaryBeth is our favorite teacher at their school. And Jay…. well, Jay is super cool, and smiles way easier than he did when we first started photographing this family. 😉


This is Miss Valentine’s second time to be photographed by us, and the second time she was stone cold the whole time. Not upset, not scared, not sad… just STONE COLD. She’s got serious smolder skills. At least I know it’s not just me… she gave the same Blue Steel to her school pictures too. But she’s a sweet little thing and her parents are awesome, so they’ll just remember this phase in her life as the “won’t smile for photos” years. 😉


Aren’t those kiddos precious? While Mack was shooting some romantic images of Mom & Dad, they played so sweetly with me. Shooting mini sessions makes me wonder why we aren’t having any more babies…

Then Mack reminds me that I like to sleep in, so, we’re good with our two. 😉


That. That love. It chokes me up. This extended family was such a blast.


Just LOOK at this stud!! Good grief. Can I go ahead and put dibs on him for Dorothy in like 20 years?


This was one of those sessions where trying to make a little boy sit and smile would have just led to frustration on every level. So we embraced his joyful attitude and energy, and let the kid run. We followed animal tracks, we collected rocks, and we got him to trust us enough to show his wonderful spirit. And his parents were so great not to pressure him at all… really perfect situation!


Almost done! Just one more mini session blog post, and we’ll be caught up.

And gosh, now that I think about it, only two more weeks of blogs at all before our holiday break. The end of the year is sneaking up on us!

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