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Joseph & Tiana : Red River

About two weeks ago, we tagged along with one of our 2015 couples on a road trip to Red River. They had to make a deliver and a pick up in the area, and they needed someone to puppy-sit during the day while they snowboarded. And hey, as a bonus, some fabulous snowy 6-month-anniversary photos, and someone to mix incredible drinks in the evenings (that’s Mack, by the way. Not me.)

We were so thrilled that they wanted to take us, and felt even more loved when they DEMANDED to take us after we asked about what we could chip in. In general, this is one of those times when we realize that the people God has put in our lives, through our business or otherwise, are so frickin’ amazing.

Red River was so gorgeous when we got there, and we got another 10 inches of snow over the weekend. I was basically in southern girl heaven… neither San Diego or DFW ever gets this kind of real puffy waist-deep snow, and we only went inside to stop playing in it when we couldn’t feel our noses anymore.

So, just in case anyone was wondering, YES. We will absolutely do snowy destination weddings & portrait sessions. Yes PLEASE, actually. 🙂

T&J’s session ended up being pretty make-out heavy…. but hey, it was less than 15 degrees outside! And, well, they’re pretty into each other even when the weather isn’t frigid.

Here’s some of our faves…


And of course, when I get to play with a baby deer due to Tiana’s wildlife whisperer abilities, I’m gonna show pictures of it! SUUUUCH a good highlight of, like, the year.


We love you guys. Billions. Thank you for wanting us to adventure with you!

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