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Marissa & Trey : Wedding

Marissa & Trey said from the very beginning that neither of them wanted a big “wedding”. They wanted to throw a party so their close friends and family could celebrate as they officially started their new life together. These are people who had been in each others’ lives for so long as friends, and true love found them exactly when it was supposed to.

At Times Ten Cellars Too in Dallas, that party came together perfectly. Adults sampled wine & ate amazing breakfast-for-dinner. Kids created Play-Doh artwork. Then everyone moved to the sides so Marissa and her dad could walk down the “aisle”, and the VIP couple was married by their Croation best friends in Captain America and Iron Man shirts.

And it was perfect.


Baked blueberry french toast and candied bacon… NOM.


I mean, if the kids get to create with Play-Doh, why can’t we?

We are SO excited for you two. Quite frankly, from the play list to the officiants to the post-ceremony pub crawl, you’re just our kind of people.

  1. Marissa says:

    Thank you guys so much for being so awesome!! We had an amazing time and you guys captured it so well. Love love love!!!

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