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Calli & Jesse : Just Married

One of the many wonderful things about a destination wedding is the flexibility. We all woke up the morning we were supposed to do our “day after” session, and ehhhh… really cloudy, not great. Could we have done it? Sure. But why mess with it when we know it’s going to be sunshiny the next day?

So we did a rinse & repeat, and got the GORGEOUS sunrise we were hoping for as we ran all over the beaches at and near Paradisus La Perla. We talked to them about anything specific they might have in mind, and Calli said quickly, “Nope. You do what you want to do. We’re good with whatever you say.” And Jesse, who couldn’t stop smiling at his beautiful wife, just shook his head in agreement and said, “Up to y’all, we’re along for the ride!”

Well. Thanks guys. It was a killer ride. 🙂


Have you seen any of the underwater mermaid stuff Mack shot in Mexico? It’s been on the McG Instagram (@mcgowanimages) as well as our personal accounts. But anyway, there are some splashy shots in this blog courtesy of that gem of a camera we rented for the occasion.


No big deal. Just sexalicious. LORD these people are hot.



You’ve brought us on such a fun adventure with you over the last 8 months, and we’ve loved every single second we’ve spent with y’all. We hope this is just the start of a marriage FULL of more wonderful adventures!!

  1. ann says:

    Every time I think you have done something so wonderful you can’t top it – you do. So I’ma quit thinking and just enjoy if it’s ok with you?

    Fabulousness every which way.

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