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Merry Christmas from McG

There are a lot of reasons we didn’t end up getting the “time off” we’d planned for this season. And that’s ok… it happens. The bummer parts of this life are so many times outweighed by the good. We’ll be back in just a couple weeks with the first wedding of 2017, and while there will be a slowdown somewhere in our future, right now, we’re going to focus on this week or two we get to spend focused entirely on these children. They’re the most important thing we can do, and while we (especially I) admit that work-life-balance is hard sometimes, it’s never a contest as to what’s ultimately the most important.

It’s also never a contest anymore as to whether or not we’ll go for some kind of strange family picture for Christmas. We didn’t start off that way, but…. well, just take a look at the progression and see for yourselves:


And in 2016, Mack decided that what we REALLY wanted for Christmas was a little bit of quiet. And his idea for for securing that was… unorthodox, but totally worked. 😉


Merry Christmas, friends. As always, we appreciate your continued support of our business, our art, and of us personally. We never take that love for granted, and even when being a creative small business owner gets a little scary, we are blessed to know we have a cheering section with years of happy clients spreading the word, and making each new year amazing in a whole new way.

See y’all on the other side. 🙂

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