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McG 2016 Wrap Up : Behind the Scenes

Just as a matter of clarification, we don’t go out of our way to photograph each other when we’re photographing our clients. But sometimes what we see each other do, or the results of a light test, are the makings of a picture just too ridiculous to keep to ourselves. We know without a doubt that McG couples aren’t surprised by our particular brand of weirdness, so we might as well show the NEW ones what kind of shenanigans they’ll be getting into with us. 🙂

There are fun cameos in this post by a few wedding vendors who are… let’s just say they’re on our level of weird. And we love them for it.  Feel free to laugh at our expense… we’re doing the same thing!mcgowanimages_2016bts_01mcgowanimages_2016bts_02mcgowanimages_2016bts_03mcgowanimages_2016bts_04mcgowanimages_2016bts_05mcgowanimages_2016bts_06mcgowanimages_2016bts_07mcgowanimages_2016bts_08mcgowanimages_2016bts_09mcgowanimages_2016bts_10mcgowanimages_2016bts_11mcgowanimages_2016bts_12

This next photo is fun all on it’s own. But I don’t mind showing it as evidence that our super-cool clients sometimes meet us at the door with cocktails before a newborn session. Not mad at it.

mcgowanimages_2016bts_13mcgowanimages_2016bts_14mcgowanimages_2016bts_15mcgowanimages_2016bts_16mcgowanimages_2016bts_17mcgowanimages_2016bts_18mcgowanimages_2016bts_19mcgowanimages_2016bts_20mcgowanimages_2016bts_21mcgowanimages_2016bts_22mcgowanimages_2016bts_23mcgowanimages_2016bts_24mcgowanimages_2016bts_25mcgowanimages_2016bts_26mcgowanimages_2016bts_27mcgowanimages_2016bts_28mcgowanimages_2016bts_29mcgowanimages_2016bts_30mcgowanimages_2016bts_31mcgowanimages_2016bts_32mcgowanimages_2016bts_33mcgowanimages_2016bts_34mcgowanimages_2016bts_35mcgowanimages_2016bts_36mcgowanimages_2016bts_37mcgowanimages_2016bts_38mcgowanimages_2016bts_39mcgowanimages_2016bts_40mcgowanimages_2016bts_41mcgowanimages_2016bts_42mcgowanimages_2016bts_43mcgowanimages_2016bts_44mcgowanimages_2016bts_45mcgowanimages_2016bts_46mcgowanimages_2016bts_47mcgowanimages_2016bts_48mcgowanimages_2016bts_49mcgowanimages_2016bts_50mcgowanimages_2016bts_51Maybe it’s lack of sleep, maybe it’s because we egg each other on and have fun together, maybe it’s just that we’re a few bubbles short of level… whatever it is, the “behind the scenes” of McGowan Images is part of the magic we feel blessed to live and work in every day.

  1. M-Dawg says:

    God I love you guys!!! It’s so nice to catch this glimpse of how your amazing art is made. Chels, your hair looks AMAZING in! And Mack is a total stud. Y’all are awesome! ❤

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