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McG Mini Sessions : Fall 2018

It’s time to share mini sessions!

Usually we split the mini session recap into several blog posts, because it gets kind of overwhelming. And, surprise, this blog might be a little overwhelming! With travel, both personal and professional, on top of the general craziness that is life right now, I just kind of failed on blogging mini sessions as they happened. And I’ll admit, we’ve still got two more to shoot that had to be rescheduled. But that’s ALL we’ve got left to shoot this year, and I’m declaring the next 10 days all about BLOG CATCH UP!

There are tons of pictures in this blog post, and obviously we’d love for you to scroll through them all. BUT, in case you’re not into that, but still want information on 2019 mini session dates, I’ll go ahead and include that now…

Direct emails from McG often get stuck in spam filters, because #technology. So for next year, we’ve gone with a new method. Click the link below, plug in your email address, confirm that you meant to do so, and you’ll get emails from us about mini session dates. And really, that’s pretty much it. We’re not going to spam you. We just want to make sure that the people who WANT the info GET the info.

There. That link. Click it.

And now, enough with that. Let’s look at some happy.

And hey, why not… a handful of “behind the scenes” shots. Think of them as proof that we really ARE having a great time! 🙂

(and that ^, my friends, is what happens when Chelsea blogs unsupervised. #sorrymack)

In case you missed it up top, here’s that link one more time:

Clicking that will get you signed up for advance notice when 2019 mini session dates are announced. No spam, pinky promise.

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