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McG 2018 Year in Review : Celebrations

We don’t just photograph weddings. That’s no surprise if you follow us on facebook or instagram, or keep up here on the blog. One of the things we love most is getting to see clients over and over again through the years as their families grow & change… it’s such an honor to be the people these families KEEP choosing, year after year. Makes our hearts all warm & fuzzy.

And hey, coincidentally, that’s how these pictures feel, too! Kids, families, babies, anniversaries… this blog is a peek at some of our favorite images of 2018 that are completely unrelated to weddings. And it’s almost time to announce McG 2019 Spring Minis, so if you want a heads up when those are scheduled, click this lil ol’ link right here:

And now… onto the happy!

Come back tomorrow to see our favorite wedding details of the year! Flowers, cake, dresses, bowties, rings… all that good stuff. 🙂

  1. Julie says:

    Each and every one…pure greatness!!!!! But I am partial to my handsome senior popping up twice. Thank you guys for all you do…..capturing memories is just priceless!

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