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I shouldn’t talk at all before this blog… it’s just super gorgeous. But I’ve already started talking. And now it’s awkward. Suffice it to say, Jessica’s bridals at the Dallas Arboretum have been BEGGING to be shown off, and thank goodness she’s married now. We don’t shoot the Arboretum often at all because of the […]

Jessica : Bridal

For Allie’s bridal session, we wanted to mix her natural vavavoom with a classic softness. Of course, this gorgeous girl won’t claim the vavavoom, but it’s clearly something she’s rocking. Shooting this session mid-morning at T&P Station in Fort Worth hit the mark. That light is so dreamy, and it complimented her coloring and style […]

Allie : Bridal


We were able to meet Kiersten at a state park just outside Kansas City one morning at dawn this summer, and shoot this beautiful girl’s bridal portraits. Not having been able to scout the location in person, we were prepared for whatever we found… but it turns out, all our poking around google hadn’t let […]

Kiersten : Bridal



We have SO much fun on our bridal sessions, and really, it’s because our goal is to make sure that our brides have fun. McG bridal sessions aren’t about achieving a classic portrait of a bride-to-be smiling at the camera, although we always get one of those. It’s about getting to feel incredible in one […]

Sam : Bridal

WHEW! April & May this year are making us earn our time in bed… and honestly, it’s kind of awesome. Even when the office days are long and the shooting nights are long and the sleeping time is short, we don’t ever stop being grateful. Every industry… every business has it’s ups & downs, busy […]

Mollie : Bridal


Happy Monday, blog friends! We flew out bright and early (actually… dark and early) this morning for a wedding tomorrow in Riviera Maya, and THAT is why you’re not going to see gorgeousness from Saturday & Sunday’s weddings on the blog this week. And believe me, it kind of kills us, because there’s just so […]

BriAnne : Bridal