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We were sitting in an already-closed Starbucks with Chris & Halley when we started talking about the bride-to-be’s bridal session. Sorry, Starbucks’ staff… we were laughing and didn’t notice the time. Anyway, the four of us were hatching ideas to make Halley’s bridal portraits perfect for her, when Chris said, “Man, that sounds like fun. […]

Groomals : Guys Night Out

A new client this week asked me what I photographed while I was in Southern California, and I responded, “A short family session, and a Pretty Girl session.” And the immediate follow up was, “What’s a Pretty Girl session?” I loveLOVElove getting to answer that question. My boudoir work at Girls on Film is something […]

Nori : Ocean Beach Celebration


A couple weeks after we’d settled on a plan for Shelley & Matt’s engagement session, I got an email from this lovely bride to be. It simply stated, “I want art. I want you guys to be able to do something amazing, and I want to do whatever it’s going to take for you guys […]

Matt & Shelley : Engagement



I don’t think a bridal post has ever been so anticipated in the history of the world. Ok, maybe princesses, or famous people. But at least in OUR world, this is one of the most anticipated sessions we’ve ever shared. We’re so looking forward to the reaction, especially after the sneak peek we posted a […]

Madlyn : Bridal

Once a year or so, we like to shoot something that’s just for US. Sometimes we partner up with people, sometimes we create things on our own, and sometimes we travel all the way out to the Nevada desert… but it’s always for the same reason. Our souls need the challenge and the change of […]

Paper Wedding : A Collaboration


I feel like we’re pretty darn good at what we do– we capture real life happening in relationships. And I’m really proud of that work, because it’s something that can last for generations, and help your kids and grandkids appreciate who you were “way back when you got married”. But Chelsea’s wicked good at this […]

Mack Commandeers the Blog: On Branching Out