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Welcome back, y’all! This pandemic is hard on everyone. We don’t claim to know how it feels for everyone, but for self-employed artists… yeah, we’ll just go with hard. Shooting our first post-quarantine engagement session was a joy we weren’t really prepared for. We love our job so much, and it was like putting on […]

Jennifer & Chance : Engagement

We knew within minutes of Aaron proposing that Niki was getting married. Niki has been a client for years, and a friend for nearly as long, and the squealing text message was met with cheers on our end. And the “whatcha got open in September” was met with an immediate response 🙂 This was such […]

Aaron & Niki : Wedding


Ross & Bri’s wedding was every bit as fun as we thought it would be. It was also MUCH colder & darker than anyone expected it to be. But hey… sometimes Texas has cold snaps in April, and all we can do is roll with it! A little chill in the air didn’t even begin […]

Ross & BriAnne : Wedding



Happy Monday, blog friends! We flew out bright and early (actually… dark and early) this morning for a wedding tomorrow in Riviera Maya, and THAT is why you’re not going to see gorgeousness from Saturday & Sunday’s weddings on the blog this week. And believe me, it kind of kills us, because there’s just so […]

BriAnne : Bridal

Joe & Lacy aren’t new together… Joe & Lacy have gone together for a long time. Joe & Lacy have loved each other since high school. But Joe & Lacy officially became Mr. & Mrs. Sanders on October 15th, and that is worth celebrating. We spent the day among their friends and family at The […]

Joe & Lacy : Wedding


Last Thursday, Rachel & Mervin added another incredible date to their love story… their wedding date. The beautiful bride is my cousin, meaning I’ve known her for her entire life, and watching her get married to her high school sweetheart was so wonderful. These two really have been able to grow up together, and Mack […]

Rachel & Mervin : Wedding