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This blog post is long overdue. It’s been going on three weeks now since there’s been internet in the McG office, or even the ability for one computer to talk to another. It was supposed to be fixed the day after we flew to Philadelphia, a week after Chris & Amy’s wedding, so I saved […]

Chris & Amy : Wedding

Kara & Josh celebrated the start of their forever on a lovely Sunday at The Springs in Aubrey. They used the relatively new venue there, The Lodge, and it was SO gorgeous. We hadn’t seen that part of the property before, and especially for a hot summer day, the light inside was just delicious. This […]

Kara & Josh : Wedding


Cara & James are one of those couples that we kind of watched fall in love on social media. Ok, wait, that sounds creepy. Cara was a bridesmaid in a wedding we shot years ago, and we’ve kept in touch with her, and when James started showing up in her instagrams, I distinctly remember telling […]

Cara & James : Engagement



We spent a week in Marfa recently, working our faces off. Don’t worry, they’ve grown back. And it was totally worth the limited time we were without faces, because we LOVE what we captured for all our Marfa Adventure Clients! The majority of what we photographed is for our SKINbyMcG brand, and like always, we’ve […]

Landrie & JT : Engagement

Lauren & Brendan are getting married in Texas, but don’t live here right now. So when we scheduled their engagement portraits, we had to hopehopehope the weather would play nice! I know it seems like I talk a lot about the weather, but really… in Texas, it’s a big deal. Luckily, the storms waited until […]

Lauren & Brendan : Engagement


What are celebration sessions? It’s a catch all term we use for things that aren’t wedding related. OBVIOUSLY wedding things are celebratory, but we’re of the opinion that all of life’s milestones are worth a “hooray”. Anniversary? Babies? Puppies? Holidays & general Happiness? Yup. Celebrate the RIGHT NOW. We’ve photographed several families and babies so […]

Spring 2018 Mini & Celebration Sessions