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Meghan’s red dress lit up the park like a neon sign, and we were IMMEDIATELY excited to start working. Something about that red dress and the bubbly infectious energy the couple brought with them… it all just clicked in such a fun way. Meghan & Tyler are getting married in July, and while we already […]

Meghan & Tyler : Engagement

Last week, we really started feeling the rush-rush-rush that is the life of a photographer before the holidays. We want to really maximize this most beautiful time of year, and get as much done as we can so we can enjoy the holidays with our family. Sometimes, that means three engagement sessions and a full […]

Katie & Taylor : Engagement


In the middle of all the wet weather we’ve had recently, Erica & David lucked into an absolutely stunning day for their engagement portrait session at Rockledge Park on Lake Grapevine. The sun was shining, the birds were singing, the breeze was cool… I swear, a Disney princess couldn’t have been happier with that weather. […]

Erica & David : Engagement



Mack and I are the kind of people who just keep swimming… metaphorically speaking. We’ve shot weddings while sick, while injured, in pain, with fevers, you name it. It’s just really hard to get us to give up. And I’d like to think that’s at least slightly impressive. But when our clients show up and […]

Carmen & Ryan : Engagement