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Lucas & Kristen’s engagement session is one of those we went into kind of blindly. We’d never met the groom, we had no idea what the property would look like,and the weather was unpredictable at best. Luckily, the entire universe decided it LOVED this couple, and threw us amazing clouds & gorgeous light that made […]

Kristen & Lucas : Engagement

First things first… I have to preface this blog by warning you that it’s SUPER long. After all my efforts to get it narrowed down, it still isn’t anywhere close to my normal size, and there’s just nothing I can do about that. To my credit, this was actually TWO engagement sessions… Kirby & Taylor […]

Taylor & Kirby : Engagement


We had a heck of a time getting Lacy and Tyler’s engagement session on the calendar… between his schedule as a police officer and hers at a hospital, and the crazy month of June that we had, it just seemed like nothing ever clicked! But when we finally settled on a date, everything worked out […]

Lacy & Tyler : Engagement



I hope I’m not incorrect in assuming that the internet is excited for me to post this session as I am thrilled to share it. When I posted a sneak peek from Angela & Garrett’s engagement session on the McG FB page last week, we broke the record for likes and comments on a single […]

Angela & Garrett : Engagement