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When it was raining in San Angelo last Saturday morning, Cie started to hyperventilate. The cloudy skies and cooler temperatures were welcome, of course, but rain? That would put a SERIOUS kink in their outdoor wedding plans. Luckily, when everyone told this bride & groom that the rain showers were just getting out of the […]

Chris & Cie : Wedding

Welcome back, and happy Friday! It’s been a great week for us here in BlogLand. It’s always so rewarding when something we’re particularly proud of catches some online attention and we get some feedback. This entire month has been a fabulous start to our wedding season… and we’ve got three busy months left to go! […]

Madlyn & Willum : Wedding Pt. 2


So at this point, I assume exactly no one is surprised by the gorgeousness we’re about to present, right? You saw Willum propose to Madlyn, you saw their engagement session, and just a few days ago, you saw Madlyn’s epic bridal portraits. Suffice it to say, this couple has been an absolute dream to work […]

Madlyn & Willum : Wedding Pt. 1