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how do I love thee? ( a retelling )

How do I love you? Let me count the ways.

I love you to a height I cannot reach, because I am short.

I love you with everything I am, and with a little bit more that I’m not quite just yet.

I love you to a level that I don’t really understand, and when I think about it, it freaks me out just a little bit.

I love you loudly, and proudly, and I’ll sing and dance about it if you ask real nice.

I love you in a way that’s different from anyone else I’ve ever loved.

I would pick you all over again.

I love the way you look at me, and refuse to see everything that’s wrong with me.

I love the way you laugh really really big when I say something funny… mostly, because you think I’m funny.

I love you at breakfast, and at lunch, and at dinner, and would rather have you than any of those… but would really rather we just ate together.

I love the way you talk and the way you smell and the way your brain works (most of the time).

I love your commitment to everything you do, including the stuff I have to talk you into doing.

I love you when you’re loving me, and even when you’re annoyed with me, I love you for the way you deal with it.

In the way you love our children, I see my future.

I love that we made this choice, and I will continue to love you, long after we don’t remember our names.

These pictures, edited by me but taken by Amanda Williams (a sweet up-and-comer we’re proud to help every chance we get!), are a months-early sneak peek at something pretty awesome. All will be revealed in January… if I don’t combust from waiting that long. 🙂

  1. Danielle says:

    I seriously cried reading this! And I LOVE the second picture! So excited to hear the big news soooon! 🙂

  2. Misty says:

    AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!! SUPER sweet, LOVE this post! LOVE y’all’s love!!! Sitting on the tree branch is so perfect!!! What’s up with the hanging pieces of paper and the…are those limes? Seriously, we have to wait for something super awesome in JANUARY?!?! You’ll be the death of me, woman… 😉

  3. ambo says:

    Love this! You guys are so amazing. Love the limes and I’m so excited to see the finished product in January! Love you guys!

  4. Tiffany says:

    Awww SO sweet!!! I think you should give a weekly hit…or perhaps riddle… as to what is happening in January. 🙂

  5. Mack says:

    Yep, you were right… Totally crying. You’re amazing, and I love you in more ways than will fit in this comment box.

  6. annie says:

    AWWWWW, I heart Chelsea and Mack! This is fantastic, Chels. Love y’all!

  7. bobbileigh says:

    I love the picture in the tree. The words are perfect and I can’t believe we have to wait until January for this big reveal!

  8. Rebekah says:

    Such a sweet post, Chelsea! Loving your “retelling” and the pictures! Cannot wait to see what’s happening in January…plus all the other exciting things happening next year :))))))

  9. Lorin says:

    Love Love Love it!

  10. Natalie says:

    so sweet! 🙂

  11. Carman says:


  12. Liesa says:

    So precious! You guys are really an inspiration for young unmarried types like me. Please don’t make me wait this long! Pwetty pwease?

  13. Katrina says:

    **TEAR** So heartfelt! Love it!

  14. Jen says:

    Gosh! I am bawling in my office right now. You two are something seriously special. I hope that Ross and I will be able to come up with sweet sentiments like this years from now. I love that no matter how busy you seem to be you know whats more important, your man and family.

  15. Amanda Williams says:

    Yall are such a great couple and Im so happy I got to be a part of that day!! Thanks again 🙂

  16. Amber Burris says:

    Wow these are amazing and I love the words!! I hope I can one day do something this sweet for my husband ;o)

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