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Sam Behymer @ Opening Bell Coffee… the pictures

Aaaaand, it’s Tuesday. I hope you all enjoyed your Monday holiday as much as we did, but now, it’s back to the grind! If you didn’t see yesterday’s Super Sneaker of Jen & Ross’s wedding, I hope you’ll scroll down and check that out. It’s a good one!

A HUGE thank you to everyone who came out to support my sister, Sam Behymer, and her show in Dallas last week. Opening Bell Coffee was packed to capacity, and we all had a really great time!

I told Mack on the way home from Dallas, that it’s a strange feeling… She’s still my baby sister, so in a way, I want to say, “Oh yeah, she plays music. Ya know. Kids!” But really? That’s not what this is. She’s a bona-fide, supporting herself, mid-twenties singer-songwriter living the dream in LA. This summer, she and her band went on a nationwide tour, and supported themselves with what they made in tips and album sales. Immediately after the Dallas show, we packed up their car so they could drive all night to get to the next tour stop in Boulder, CO. She’s not just a kid playing musician. My sister, Sam Behymer, is an incredibly talented artist… and I highly recommend that you buy BOTH of the albums she’s released. I can’t think of many better ways to spend $15 on this Tuesday morning… can you? Heartmouth is a full album, and Bluebirds In is an EP. Both are stellar. OWN THEM.

Anyway, of COURSE we took tons of pictures of the show in Dallas! Here are a few of my favorites :


Of course, Mack had to go on a bit of a photo safari. The man loves a good texture, and doors!


One third of Sam’s trio is also her boyfriend! This is Michael. We love him. No pressure, kid. (But seriously, how cool to go on tour with your boyfriend?!?!)


The other member of the band is Ethan, who is a WICKED guitarist. He also plays Nerf Battle with my son, and lets my daughter chew on his Gameboy, and for this, we love him too.


This next picture was taken during one of my favorite songs of the night… “Somebody’s Somebody”. I’m consistently amazed at my sister’s ability to write a really great lyric, and this song was pretty wonderful!

undefinedundefinedundefined Little sister, I’m so very proud of you! Both for your music, and for your bravery. Win or lose, this tour is a memory you’ll have forever. What an adventure!! We’re looking forward to seeing you again soon!

  1. Liesa says:

    I’m lovin’ the second to last picture of Sam. 🙂 So wish I was able to make it out there! Also, I love Mack’s photo safaris.

  2. Ambo says:

    It was an amazing show and I’m sooo glad we were there to share in the experience!!! Sam’s music is stellar and you should ALL go buy her albums if for some strange reason you don’t already own them!!!

  3. Misty says:

    SO AWESOME! Wish I could have been there… 🙂

  4. Abby says:

    Your family is very lucky to have two such amazingly talented artists… I love Sam’s music and currently own Heartmouth and am on my way to buy Bluebirds now! Gifted sisters. y’all are super cool 😉

  5. The Nan says:

    You got soooo many wonderful shots! It was indeed a night to remember. Somebody’s Somebody is my favorite song of the night and I have been humming it ever since the show! Can’t wait till she gets that one on an album!
    It was so much fun to be there with you and everyone else who loves Sam like we do!!!!

  6. Kevin says:

    Great pics! Seeing the set list really makes me sad that we couldn’t make it!

  7. Amber B. says:

    Man these are great pics! I’m with Kevin on seeing the set list…I was so sad I couldn’t come. Having a baby and a husband with a crazy schedule didn’t leave us any room to come see her and her beautiful voice!! I will totally buy both her albums very soon! No worries! She’s truly amazing ;o)

  8. MeaganB says:

    So glad we were able to make it out to this! Sam – it was so nice to FINALLY meet you in person. Your talent blows me away – and you truly are, in my opinion, living the dream 🙂

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