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Journey back with me in time… all the way to April.

Mack and I were on the way home from a bridal session in Waco, and somehow, we got to talking about the zombie apocalypse. You know, like you do. Mack was being all macho, talking about how many inventive ways he could kill just scads of zombies.

I replied, “I dunno… I don’t see you as the Save the World, Zombie Slayer type.”

This, dear friends and blog readers, is apparently the worst thing I’ve said or done in our nearly 8 years together.

Some of you may know the story from there, because I posted about this little exchange on Facebook. I was amused for several hours as women tended to agree with me… that in such an event as the Zombie Apocalypse, a man who prioritizes protecting his family and finding food is far more desirable than the loner, Mega Macho Zombie Slayer type. Men, however, were appalled that I would EVER doubt Mack’s prowess in the realm of Zombie Slayage, and affirmed over and over again that he is the baddest of the big bad dudes.

I believe I ended the silly conversation by saying that my statement was probably insensitive, but also the equivalent of Mack telling me I’d suck at Unicorn Rodeo. It ain’t gonna happen, so it doesn’t really matter.

Since then, Mack and I occasionally mention his Zombie hunting skills. Because it was funny. And every one in a while, a client or buddy who saw the Facebook exchange will mention it. But for the most part, it faded away, like all funny Facebook stories tend to do.

Flash forward, dear friends and blog readers, to last Thursday night.

We met Jacob & Amber-Lin for dinner, because we always have a blast with these two. We’re super stoked for their wedding coming up THIS weekend. And we were floored to see that they walked into Gloria’s with presents.

For us.

And not just any presents, no. Presents in general are pretty amazing, but not always entire-blog-post-worthy. These presents? Another level.

Yep. Amber-Lin and Jacob forever secured their place in the McG Hall of Fame not just by being hilarious and so much fun to work with… although that would have done it, too. They got us custom Chuck Taylors. McG brand colors. “Photo Goddess” and “Zombie Slayer”.

Pretty much, they made us feel like rock stars, and we don’t know enough ways to say Thank You.

So we’re using this blog to do it again.

Thank you.

We’ll see you crazy kids on Saturday, and you’d better believe we’ll be sporting our new shoes.

  1. bobbileigh says:

    Wow, those are awesome!

  2. Bethe says:

    Now those are cool! What a fun idea.

  3. Carman says:

    Awesome — I want to be friends with those people!

  4. Ambo says:

    That is SO awesome!! You guys deserve it!! Amazing!

  5. grom says:

    Those are the coolest shoes EVER!!!!!! And your friends are priceless.

  6. Kevin says:

    Awesome! Everyone laughs about the zombie apocalypse…until it happens.

  7. Liesa says:

    Truly one of THE coolest gifts I have ever seen!! On so many levels.

  8. Misty says:!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  9. Abby says:

    These are so cool!!! That is a super creative and fun gift idea 🙂

  10. francine says:

    so thoughtful! such a great gift!

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