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McG Family Portraits with Lauren Clark

So, this was an adventure. 🙂

We decided earlier this year that we wanted to invest in good family pictures this year, and Lauren Clark was my only choice. We scheduled these pictures several months ago, back before she gave birth to precious Solomon, so I knew from experience that her schedule would be a bit wonky once the baby was here. I was so excited that everything came together just like I wanted… and I even got to snuggle Sol while we were there!

Lauren lives in Stillwater, OK, so that’s where we went. Luckily, we were able to turn the trip into a full weekend, visiting Mack’s extended family in Southern Kansas. We packed up the car with all our outfits, and got excited to hit the road.

Then it rained.

And it rained.

And it was COLD.

See, we took these pictures in mid-September. The day before pictures it was 103 degrees here at home, so I was glad I’d chosen all summer outfits. (And by “chosen”, I clearly mean “blew the budget”). Unfortunately, when we got to Stillwater, it was 58 degrees and drizzly. Not ideal. Not what I had in my head at all. The kids were freezing, tired of being in the car. We didn’t get any individual shots of Diva Dottie at all, Jack used his “school picture smile” and Mack and I both feel fat.


I still love them. Maybe, even, I love them BECAUSE of all those things. Because that’s real life. Lauren did a really fantastic time posing us, and getting our kids to participate in the session, and I so cherish that we have this special time captured. This is my family… imperfect, unorganized, and frequently uncooperative. And really? I wouldn’t change a thing.

Plus, because of this boot camp Mack and I have been doing, we know we’ll be in better shape next year when picture time comes around again. 🙂

Lauren blogged her favorites from our session in the days following our trip, so those of you that follow us on Facebook have already seen those. But I figured they were worth sharing again, with the addition of a few of my personal favorites you haven’t seen yet! Some are edited by Lauren, and some by me (as she gave me permission to do so).

I was glad that we did my big idea first… I really had my heart set on pictures of us as a family, all on a couch together reading our favorite books. Reading is a big part of who we are, and regardless of how the rest of the session went, THESE pictures are perfect, so I’m a happy camper. (And, extra special thank you to Lauren, because she brought the love seat from her LIVING ROOM for us to do these pictures on. I’m so grateful she embraced my vision!)

The following is my absolute favorite, and will soon be a massive canvas in our home. 🙂

Thank you, Lauren, for being patient with my crazy family. And blogstalkers, thank you for all your sweet comments on the images I posted to Facebook… we so appreciated them. We’ll definitely make McG family pictures an annual tradition… I mean, after all, NOT having current family pictures is a bit hypocritical, don’t you think? 🙂

  1. Lauren says:

    These are so great, what a beautiful family!

  2. Emily says:

    These are beautiful! I love them!

  3. Giselle Huet says:

    Love them all! And you two don’t look fat…you make a great couple!!!

  4. Abby says:

    I love love love the one you are making a canvas out of… and the one from the back of the couch!! And I love everything about your last outfit! Especially the giraffe print heeeeels!

  5. Carman says:

    Those look great! Y’all look happy, your dark hair is beautiful, and I’m totally stealing the reading idea.

  6. Angela says:

    She really did capture some good photos! And can I just say that I love your boots in the first few pics!

  7. MeaganB says:

    I’m so glad you did this. I love how REAL these pictures are – I prefer that 🙂

  8. Laura says:

    FAB GIRAFFE SHOES FOR THE WIN. (The beautiful family and photos bit goes without saying.) 🙂

  9. Misty says:

    Awww JEEZE! These are GREAT!!! I LOVE the one of you & Mack kissin’ with the kids looking at the camera…but they are all wonderful, such a beautiful family!!! 🙂 <3

  10. Liesa says:

    I adore these! You guys are all so great at posing for the camera while looking really natural. I really cannot pick a favorite because they are are spectacular for different reasons. The couch scenes scream “Friends” to me, which I love. You all look radiant–truly!!

  11. KaylaS says:

    Love them and I love that I helped lead you to one of little Dot’s outifts! They are so great…

  12. Courtney says:

    These are BEYOND adorable. They’re the best kind of portraits because they’re a slice of everyday life – just hangin’ out with the fam, being lovey dovey. Only without the pj’s and fuzzy slippers 🙂 That’s how it is at my house anyways!

  13. Madlyn says:

    Chelsea!! These pictures are awesome! Loving your shoes throughout the whole shoot 😉

  14. Nicole says:

    You have a BEAUTIFUL family! And the outfits were totally worth the blown budget!

  15. Ciiku says:

    I love them all. I have one favourite (on the couch) one but I love them all!!

  16. maggie says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE (repeat a million more times) all of these pics!!!!!!!!!

  17. Annie says:

    Finally catchin’ up on the blog! LOVE these pictures!

  18. Mandaroo says:

    OMG So super cute!! Love them all!

  19. miranda adams says:

    Wow, your kiddos are naturals!! These pictures are truly wonderful, and you’ve got a stunning family. And you do NOT look fat!

  20. Jennifer Sheets says:

    These are fantastic! You guys look great! I love Dot’s face in your favorite picture! I also love your outfit in the last picture!

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