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Nikki & Forrest : Bride & Groom

Happy “Day After Thanksgiving”! Unless you’re one of those crazies (said with love 🙂 ) that gets out for Black Friday, I hope you’re all snug & cozy, resting off your turkey coma. But if you need a little shot of pretty in your life, we can absolutely provide that this morning!

When Nikki & Forrest booked their wedding with us, they knew they wanted a “morning after” session as well. The bride & groom helped back in 2011 when we shot Whitney & Shane’s Bride & Groom session in a torrential Hawaiian rainstorm, and loved every second of that experience. We weren’t going to let a little freezing rain keep us from having the same memories and gorgeous images!

We met up at 8 a.m. and started our session in a dry creekbed. If you look closely, you can actually see the sleet in the air in a few of the images from this location! I couldn’t believe Nikki managed to stay so gorgeous in that weather with bare arms… I’d have been a shivering, purple, red-nosed wimp. 🙂

In my humble opinion, this next image needs to be a canvas the size of an entire room.

A little Gristmill, a little water tower… this is Gruene perfection.

I almost felt like I was invading their privacy by taking this next shot. TOO SEXY.

This autumn in Texas has been the most beautiful we’ve ever seen. (And to that point, if you didn’t see the blog we posted yesterday with some foliage landscape images Mack captured, you should just keep scrolling down when you’re done with this post.)

You guys… thank you. Your entire family is so special to us, and we’re so honored that we keep being asked to share these special moments with you. We know your lives are going to continue to be amazing adventures, and we can’t wait to photograph those, too! 🙂

  1. Monica says:

    Once again, STUNNING, McG!

  2. Nikki O'Shay says:

    Freezing in the sleet with you guys was so worth it! Thanks to you four who stuck it out with me! Oh 5…forgot about the groom.
    Thank y’all again for making this a fun experience! We were lucky enough to see how incredible your work was with my sister’s wedding so booking you two for ours was a no brainer. I KNEW no matter what we would have incredible photos. And that was a big deal since I was designing the decor myself I was quite unsure how it would come together BUT I told Forrest no matter what you two would still produce incredibly beautiful photos. We will see you soon….maybe maternity??? hehe Not quite that soon.
    Oh and another thing, the way you tell our story not only in photos but in the words on your blog. I know my story but I keep reading it and looking through the photos like its my favorite fairytale….actually it is 😉
    Much love to you two and your beautiful family!

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