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Kelly & Cameron : State Fair

If the question to this session is, “What are you celebrating?”, I can pretty much guarantee that Kelly’s answer is going to be “CORNDOGS.”

We normally try to spend at least two days at the State Fair of Texas, but this year, it just wasn’t going to happen. But we WERE able to set aside a couple hours to try our favorite foods and see the butter statue… oh, and shoot an adorable little “just because” session for Kelly & Cameron.

Kelly is one of our favorite DJs to work with, and Cameron is a pretty fantastic musician, and we just never DON’T have fun with them. I’m thinking State Fair pictures are going to need to be a new tradition for them… just so we can have an “eat and drink all the things” date again next year! 🙂

Here’s a deep-fried taste of our afternoon in Fair Park!


WELL, because of you guys, now I have to have a Fletcher’s Corn Dog and a deep fried Margarita for lunch. THANKS. 😉

  1. Kari Acord-Henderson says:

    These are all so gorgeous and photographed fantastically. I love them all! Great job!

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