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One of the many wonderful things about a destination wedding is the flexibility. We all woke up the morning we were supposed to do our “day after” session, and ehhhh… really cloudy, not great. Could we have done it? Sure. But why mess with it when we know it’s going to be sunshiny the next day? […]

Calli & Jesse : Just Married

Everyone has that one teacher, ya know? That “Captain, oh my Captain” influence in your life? Mine was this woman. High school was rough for me, and she cheered me on every step of the way. She was a LOUD voice in support of my “muchness”. One time, when I got sad because one of the big […]

Fred & Christine : Just Married


Marissa & Trey said from the very beginning that neither of them wanted a big “wedding”. They wanted to throw a party so their close friends and family could celebrate as they officially started their new life together. These are people who had been in each others’ lives for so long as friends, and true […]

Marissa & Trey : Wedding



This is, hands down, our favorite blog post to build every year. While we love photographing portraits of people in love… and oh my gosh, we DO… there’s something particularly challenging and exciting and gratifying to capture real life as it’s actually happening on a wedding day. These real moments, more than any portrait, can […]

McG Year in Review : Real Life & Romantic Moments

Today, we’re sharing our favorite wedding portraits of 2015. Some were taken before the ceremony, others immediately. These are the images we are often most rushed to create… and that’s totally normal. Our couples want to spend time with their guests, while most all of them prioritize some romantic time to just be together, we […]

McG Year in Review: We Do


What year is this? Almost 2016? Yikes… we’re behind the curve. The thing is, we’ve had “set up a McGowan Images Instagram account” on our to do list for over two years. It’s one of those things that seems simple enough, but managed to overwhelm me every time I sat down to think about it. […]

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