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Welcome back! Today, we’re sharing Part 2 of Matt & Sophie’s wedding day. If you didn’t see yesterday’s post with all our favorites from their First Sight & ceremony at White’s Chapel, you should definitely click here and catch up on the prettiness! 🙂 For the reception, we moved over to Delaney Vineyards in Grapevine. […]

Matt & Sophie : Wedding Pt. 2

Happy Monday, friends! As you may have noticed, last week’s excursion to snowy New York put us slightly off our normal wedding blogging schedule. But that doesn’t mean we were just going to blow right past Sophie & Matt’s wedding posts! Oh no, too much prettiness for that. Today & tomorrow, we’ll be showing off […]

Matt & Sophie : Wedding Pt. 1


You saw the blog yesterday, right? The fastest first sight in history, and Bride & Groom portraits that are monumentally swoon-worthy? Because if you didn’t see that, I suggest you run and go do that now. It’s ok, we’ll wait for you. … Oh HI! Welcome back! Thanks for the comment, too. 😉 Maggie & […]

Maggie & Brenton : Wedding Pt. 2



All that mattered was the two of them. Maggie told me in the weeks before the wedding, “I don’t want to sound selfish, because I love our friends and family and I’m glad they’ll be there to celebrate with us… but what matters most is the pictures of me and Brenton. As much time as […]

Maggie & Brenton : Wedding Pt. 1