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Welcome back! Today, we’re sharing Part 2 of Matt & Sophie’s wedding day. If you didn’t see yesterday’s post with all our favorites from their First Sight & ceremony at White’s Chapel, you should definitely click here and catch up on the prettiness! 🙂 For the reception, we moved over to Delaney Vineyards in Grapevine. […]

Matt & Sophie : Wedding Pt. 2

Happy Monday, friends! As you may have noticed, last week’s excursion to snowy New York put us slightly off our normal wedding blogging schedule. But that doesn’t mean we were just going to blow right past Sophie & Matt’s wedding posts! Oh no, too much prettiness for that. Today & tomorrow, we’ll be showing off […]

Matt & Sophie : Wedding Pt. 1


When Lindy first emailed us, she was kind of in a hurry. She knew her fiance would only be in town for about two weeks, and they wanted to do everything they could to get an engagement session done before the fall foliage was gone… even though they didn’t have a wedding date set yet. […]

Lindy & Devin : Engagement



In the middle of all the wet weather we’ve had recently, Erica & David lucked into an absolutely stunning day for their engagement portrait session at Rockledge Park on Lake Grapevine. The sun was shining, the birds were singing, the breeze was cool… I swear, a Disney princess couldn’t have been happier with that weather. […]

Erica & David : Engagement

We spent last Saturday with Alex & Chris, celebrating their wedding along with great friends & family. The rain chased us around all day, forcing us to take cover inside, but thank goodness the Palace Arts Center at the Lancaster Theater in Grapevine has gorgeous light! No matter the kinks that came up throughout the […]

Alex & Chris : Wedding


Mack and I are the kind of people who just keep swimming… metaphorically speaking. We’ve shot weddings while sick, while injured, in pain, with fevers, you name it. It’s just really hard to get us to give up. And I’d like to think that’s at least slightly impressive. But when our clients show up and […]

Carmen & Ryan : Engagement